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Working closely with our suppliers allows Delvado to source the right experts to deliver bespoke training packages for your staff. We ensure our clients are delivered all necessary information required to operate equipment safely and to its full potential.
Our training consultants know how to deliver the information so that it is easily understood by the end user. Our team have the skills to assess what learning style is best. We also ask the right questions to ensure that the information provided, or the processes demonstrated have been fully understood.

Delvado can offer a number of training solutions, whether being a 1 to 1 consultation or group training we will ensure that we cover all aspects required by the end user.

Some manufacturers such as Retigo who specialise in combi-ovens offer on-site training as part of the set-up process. This training is ideal because they will be able to visit your location and show how to use the equipment actually in your kitchen setting, with functions specific to those your staff will need. Plus, all of your staff can attend training at the same time. This means you won’t have to send your staff away on a training day that may impact on the operation of your business.

With effective training along with appropriate cleaning and maintenance, your kitchen appliances should have a long service life and ensure that you get the most from your investment. This will make them more efficient during use and in the long-term, increase your profits.