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Automatic machine with programmable

  • Body in polished stainless steel
  • Inbuilt volumetric pump with balanced by-pass
  • Electronic boiler level control
  • Volumetric touch pads with blue LEDs (0 to 3000 ml), 4 doses/group + continuous brewing
  • Sight glass for boiler level check
  • Self-learning doses programming
  • Electronic pre-infusion which can be switched off through the panels
  • Two steam dispensers with anti-burn wand in stainless steel
  • One hot water dispenser with anti-burn wand in stainless steel
  • Mechanical pressure switch for boiler adjustment

EEG ESD Version with display.

  • The display shows:
    •     machine name
    •     water temperature in the boiler
    •     coffee brewing timer on each group
    •     coffee and hot water counter
  • Through the touch pad buttons it is possible to access the settings menu and set many parameters of the coffee machine, among which:
    •     Language
    •     On-Off times
    •     Boiler temperature
    •     Pre-infusion time
    •     Periodic maintenance program
  • Softener regeneration program

Optional accessories:

  • Electronic cup warmer
  • Gas heating kit with gas valve, safety thermostat, piezoelectric element, manual boiler fill button (not compatible with ESD version with display)
  • “Tall-Cup” version for 135 mm tall cups
  • Cappuccinatore or manual milk frother